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Treatment of the Month -- December 2018

The Light of Truth Illuminates my Path

God is Life. God is Love. God is Light. God is Power. God is Peace. God is Beauty. God is Joy. God is Intelligence. God is Wisdom. God is all-knowing.

God in me, as me, is me. I individualize the presence, the power, and the wisdom of God. The Light of God in me illuminates my thoughts and beliefs. I live, move, and have my beingness as the intelligence of God.

The highest good for one is the highest good for all. Blessing for all is the nature of Life. I know that the All-Good is giving good to all.

I have perfect trust in the Law of Good as the Doer. Divine Principle succeeds. I declare the Truth and Truth is revealed.

The Light of Truth illuminates my path. Every decision is clear. Every good is revealed. I know what to choose and I make choices with the confidence of knowing that God, Spirit, is making my way clear. Every question is answered, every challenge is solved.

I see myself as a success. I see myself completely fulfilled and happy. The joy of Spirit fills my every experience. I speak with confidence for I know that it is the power of Truth that reveals itself. I hear the voice of God within, guiding and directing my every thought.

I am grateful for the Light of Truth that illuminates my path. I am thankful for giving myself this treatment. I appreciate the Law that always hears me. All is Well.

And So It Is.


Rev. Melissa Blevins
Licensed Practitioner at OPCRS



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