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Treatment of the Month -- June 2017

Generosity is my Nature

God is all that is. God is the essence, the energy, and the substance of all that exists. God in all, is all, as all. God is Love, Infinite Givingness of Good. God generously provides for Itself, all that makes Life whole and complete.

I individualize this One. God in me, as me, is me. The Infinite Mind of God fills me with every idea I need. I am provided. Generosity is my nature. I am generously provided all good and I generously give of this good.

The Law of Harmony reveals the highest blessing for all. That which is truly good for one is truly good for all. I rejoice in the good others enjoy because I know that this is my good too.

I have perfect trust in the Law of Good as the Doer. The Law is my servant and responds to my word. I know the Truth and I am set free. I believe the Truth, generosity is my nature. I give freely and abundantly.

Generosity is my nature. I feel good as I circulate God's goodness in my life. I am confident in my generous giving, knowing that my Source is Infinite. I am peaceful for I know that all my needs are met, with plenty to spare and to share. I express love in every encounter with every person. It is easy and fun to give good will to all that come to my awareness.

I see the free givingness of Life to all. I experience the generous nature of every living thing. Birds serenade me with their songs of Life. The plants, flowers, and trees generously give of themselves so that I may have fresh air to breathe, beautiful fragrance to smell, exquisite beauty to behold. Every person gives me the opportunity to give love, to give the goodness of myself. I accept this opportunity with an open heart and mind.

I bless all in this consciousness of generosity. I am grateful to the Source of all Good, within me now, that fulfills these words. I am thankful for my consciousness awareness of this Truth of Life, this Truth of me. I thank God as I rejoice in the fulfillment of my word. 

And So It Is!


Melissa Blevins, RScP
Licensed Practitioner at OPCRS



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