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Treatment of the Month -- April 2021

I Rejoice in my Eternal Nature

God is the Presence, the Power, and the Perfection of all Life. God is Infinite and Eternal. God is now, has always been, and always will be, the One Life that expresses. God is the Creator and the created. God in all, as all, is all.

I am God individualized. My life is God Life. God's Nature is my nature. God in me, as me, is me. My nature is eternal, because I am the essence and the substance and the creation of God.

The highest good is being revealed. Blessings for all is the Nature of Life. That which blesses and benefits one, blesses and benefits all. The highest good for all is being revealed.

As I believe, it is done. What I expect, demonstrates. I speak the truth and the Truth is revealed. I depend on Divine Principle for Divine Principle succeeds.

I rejoice in my Eternal Nature. I live joyfully with the awareness that immortality is real, it is my now experience. I am not going to become eternal; I am eternal now. It is my Nature. Eternality is the essence and the substance of who and what I truly am. I celebrate this Truth. I choose joy in this now moment because I know that all is well.

I see myself enjoying every day, every moment. I feel peaceful knowing that Life is good and I can trust Life to continually provide for me all that I need in each moment. I hear the words of Spirit, Peace, be still and know that I am here now. I see myself circulating my good knowing I am drawing from an infinite Source for my full livingness.

I rejoice in my eternal Nature. I am grateful for the conscious awareness of this Truth. I am thankful to the Law for fulfilling my word. All is well. I am peaceful and happy.

And So It Is. 


Rev. Melissa Blevins
Licensed Practitioner at OPCRS 

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