Oak Park Church of Religious Science -- Celebrating our 30th Anniversary All Year Long!
Vision & Purpose
The purpose of the Oak Park Church is to teach, inspire and to encourage the practice of the spiritual truth of Divine Life and Unconditional Love. We have dedicated ourselves to be a beacon of Light shining forth that all is Love, all is Law, all is Good and all is God.

The vision of the Oak Park Church of Religious Science is to see the Divine Potential incarnate in every person so that this may express in the world in ever greater ways. Our ultimate vision is a world where love is the normal standard in business, in politics and in families. We see this vision accomplished one person at a time, one thought at a time, beginning with ourself. Our measure of success is for you to have more good, more joy, and more friendship in your life than you had the day before.
Vision Statement: To know ourselves as the One Eternal Good
Church Mission: To embody, teach, inspire, and encourage the practice of unconditional love
Practitioner's Mission: To honor the infinite potential in each and every indivdual 
The Oak Park Church of Religious Science is the place:

I.  where I feel accepted just the way I am and am inspired and supported to be the person I desire to be
II.  where something good is always happening
III.  where I get a deeper understanding of my Self
IV. where I always get good food for my soul and my body
V.  where the atmosphere always exudes Love, Beauty and Joy
VI. where I express and experience God.