Oak Park Church of Religious Science -- 28 Years of Inspiration

We are a dynamic, involved teaching center. We offer Science of Mind foundational and advanced classes accredited by the Centers for Spiritual Living, as well as workshops and special focus classes. It is through regular class attendance that we experience practical applications of spiritual principles and begin to embody a change in consciousness. We encourage all serious seekers of spiritual truths to attend our classes. Daytime and evening classes are offered on various days of the week. Please see our calendar of events for the current class schedule.

Classes can now be attended through Skype! If you are interested in taking one of our classes via Skype, please email the office at opcrs@hotmail.com and someone will get in touch with you and send you the instructions to connect with us.


You may pay your tuition for your Skype class by using this "Donate" button. Please add a comment in the PayPal window designating the class and date the payment is for. 

Accredited Classes

Building a Healing Consciousness

We will be studying the following sections of "The Science of Mind"The Principles of Successful Living, Mental Equivalents, The Law of Attraction, The Practice of Spiritual Mind Healing, What the Mystics Have Taught, Some Phases of Subjective Life, and Finding the Christ. Whether you are a new student to this teaching or if you have been in this teaching for some time, this class is for you. Every day is a fresh and new starting point. Our insights and expansion in consciousness give us a new vision, a new way of seeing this wonderful God Life that we live. Give yourself this gift. See you in class! 

"You are . . . on the most interesting quest the human mind has ever made, the discovery of the Life Principle, the way It works, and your relationship to It. You are about to make the greatest discovery of your life, which is how to use the Creative Power of your thought for definite purposes; purposes which will benefit you, your family, and your friends." -- Ernest Holmes  

The textbooks for this class are “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes and  "The Joy of Meditation" by Jack Addington. They are available in our bookstore.

This accredited class is open to all at any time and will be taught via Skype from Maui, Hawaii. Students will gather at the center and view the instructor on screen. Please call the center for if you want to remote in -- limited space is available for that option. 

Class begins: April 10, 2018; ends: May. 29, 2018. 8-week course.  

Time: Tuesdays, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Tuition: $25.00 per class (plus $45 registration fee if taking the class for credit)

Instructor: Melissa Blevins, RScP


This Thing Called You

Based on Ernest Holmes' classic book, "This Thing Called You", this accredited Science of Mind class helps deepen our realization that we are individualized expressions of God and how we reenact the Universal creative process at the personal level. Curriculum includes: Co-creation, The Power of Belief, Our Inner Authority, and How To Increase Faith, and includes insights into how deeply Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings influenced Religious Science founder, Ernest Holmes. This is an enthralling course for new and experienced students alike.

This accredited class is open to all at any time. The text book for this class is "This Thing Called You" by Ernest Holmes. It is available in our bookstore.

Class begins: April 11, 2018; ends: May 30, 2018. 8-week course.  

Time: Wednesdays, 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Tuition: $25.00 per class (plus $45 registration fee if taking the class for credit)

Instructor: Rev. Mary Beth Speer


Prosperity Class

The evening Prosperity class is currently studying the prosperity ideas in the book "Secret of Unlimited Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder. 

Time: Thursdays, 7:00 to 8:30pm

Tuition: Love Offering

Instructor: Rev. Cynthia Morson